January 1st 2018

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A Living Song...A Living Inspiration.

Representing Raleigh, North Carolina by way of Landsthul, Germany, the beautiful songstress SoFree Wisdom is positioning herself to capture the eyes and ears of the music industry.  With her harmonic melodies, soulful style, and charismatic performance energy, the world will soon know of her incredible ability to produce classic material with ease.

SoFree is diligently working to finish up her much-anticipated debut album, The Best Things In Life Are SoFree, working alongside her key producer, as well as the love of her life – husband and number one supporter; TracStar Rich. The project is fueled by the single and accompanying video The Only One that, to date, has garnered over 25,000 views on YouTube. She is actively building a resume with musical aspirations that mirror legends like Alicia Keys, Monica, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera and a work ethic unmatched by most up and coming artists. Her ambition is most exemplified through her self-propelled EP sales, literally out of the trunk of her car.

In addition to working on her own music, SoFree is also a “Jane of all Trades,” having gained popularity and clout from her various other endeavors including hosting her own lively radio show, acting, and voiceover projects, mixtape hosting, features and video editing. Her sarcastic wit and humor have also made SoFree Wisdom a social media star with fans and followers awaiting what she will say or do next.   Flexing her theatrical skills, SoFree not only performed all of the music but also made her acting debut in the NC poetic based play Her Story Through His Eyes, written by Dasan Ahanu and also starred in the films Heavy Weight On the Block 2 & Hurt People, Hurt People.

In 2016 SoFree Wisdom made North Carolina history by being the first independent artist from Raleigh to perform at K97.5’s flagship event, Women’s Empowerment, where she wowed thousands of fans and listeners. While still unsigned, she is still no beginner in the independent plight to a successful music career. SoFree has been getting internet-radio and on-air radio play since 2011. If her current grind is any indication, she has no plans on stopping any time soon. Her honest and open approach to her own life stories, meshed with her ability to lay down harmony and soul on tracks, is a much needed addition to the music game.


sofree MUSIC

Debut Album

"The Best Things In Life Are SoFree"

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"the only one"

available now

     Who I Am

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SoFree Wisdom - Who I Am


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SoFree Wisdom - Hustla's Girl

     Another Life

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SoFree Wisdom - Another Life


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SoFree Wisdom - The Only One

     Get Mine

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SoFree Wisdom - Get Mine

         They Don't Care About Us

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SoFree Wisdom - They Don't Care About Us

     Good Things

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SoFree Wisdom - Good Things

      Trying To Remember

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SoFree Wisdom - Trying To Remember


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